• Always farther, ever more efficient
  • Service always beyond quality
  • Our Audacity always leads us to excellence
  • Toujours plus loin, toujours plus performant
  • Un service toujours au delà de la qualité
  • Notre Audace nous conduit toujours à l'excellence
  • Who we are ?

    KBS GUINEA is an African company created to own background that intends to grow and sustain. It is directed and employs a team of young people well trained with a proven professionalism and impeccable integrity.

    Our role as Manager is to define clear guidelines that do not suffer from ambiguity...

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Our mission : Serve the customer

Our attentive and active listening to the needs of the customer and our support to the expression of adequate specifications allows us to deliver on time and cost, materials and works respecting the expectations of our customers.